23 May I haven’t had the best of luck with Tor’s new Romantic Fantasy line, and when I picked up Warprize, I admit my expectations were low. 2 May Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan Princess Xylara (Lara) of the land of Xy is a healer despite her royal status. She and her half brother have. Warprize (Chronicles of the Warlands, book 1) by Elizabeth Vaughan – book cover, description, publication history.

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This is a culture conflict warprize elizabeth vaughan read for me. When the capital of her kingdom is attacked by barbarian Firelanders, she treats her own warriors and Firelanders equally and she is the only one who can do so because the rest can’t go against her brother’s the king orders.

But his broken heart and broken body are found by Amyu. This one was no exception.

June Book Club Pick: With her father dead and her incompetent half-brother on the throne, the kingdom is in danger of falling to warring Firelanders. Warprize elizabeth vaughan through the book I finally realized, nothing is happening.

Want to Read saving…. Nine times out of ten, we see warprize elizabeth vaughan hero from a distance. Even though it was very long dragged out. Keir is a great hero. I really like the first.

Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan — All About Romance

warprize elizabeth vaughan That part of the story just came to life for me and I enjoyed it immensely. Now there are some bodice rippers I love, Warpize is the first book in the series, and books could actually be one big book, since there are no breaks between books, it just starts off warprize elizabeth vaughan where the previous book left off. There is another book in the series, but Keir and Lara aren’t main characters, wwarprize I’ve struggled to commit to it with the same enthusiasm as warprize elizabeth vaughan the first three books.

When I read about Xylara in the beginning doing her own thing and ushering out the POWs to safety and ducking Keir I thought, “All right, all right, I like where this is going! There was alot of humorous little bits running throughout this story, least of which, everyone ignoring Lara’s continued pleas that someone call her by her name, instead of constantly referring to her as the Warprize.


Other books vaughna the series.

Desert Isle Keeper

The magic has come back to the Plains. Chronicles of the Warlands 1. If an author can do that and I don’t even like this style I need the heat! She can’t usurp her brother or negotiate a peace–but she can heal the brave ones injured in battle.

In short, Warprize was a darling and entertaining story about a brave young woman in the middle of warprize elizabeth vaughan medieval feuding kingdoms. What a sweet, sweet couple. It is more appropriately an account of a foreigner in an army camp or a remote ballad. Once Lara begins to warprize elizabeth vaughan discover where her is place is in the very large picture elizabetg warprize elizabeth vaughan, in both worlds, Lara takes all warprize elizabeth vaughan her experience warprize elizabeth vaughan outsmarts them all.

If only they could heal their people, who are struggling with the ultimate goal: Chronicles of the Warlands 6 books. But I think if she had to make them again based on the same information she had at the time, she’d make the same decisions. At the present, she is… More about Elizabeth Vaughan. Lara is a heroic sort of heroine, always sacrificing herself for the flizabeth of her people and tending the wounds of her enemies as well as her friends.

Initially I was aware that it could have played out in so many “been there done that a warrpize times” ways, but it was so fresh and sparkling. But not only her countrymen are wounded, and Xylara’s conscience won’t let Firelander warriors die when she can do something to save them.

Warprize (Chronicles of the Warlands, book 1) by Elizabeth Vaughan

ekizabeth On a funny note, every time they referred to Xylara as the ‘tribute’ the Warlord was demanding, Warprize elizabeth vaughan kept having visions of Xylara emerging from a crowd of villagers and staring defiantly at the Warlord, saying: When he goes warprize elizabeth vaughan Xymund to demand surrender, Keir also demands tribute: With her father dead and her warprie half-brother on the throne, the kingdom is in danger of falling to the warring Firelanders.


An arranged marriage, violence and fighting, treachery, great secondary characters. Xylara or Lara to her friendsthe heroine, is a Royal Princess and daughter of Xy. I read it only a few weeks ago on the recommendation of friend and fellow author, Shelley Munroand I loved it!

I was glued to each page. Howard in his Conan books and makes for a satisfying escapist read with its enjoyable romance between a plucky, near-naked heroine and a truly heroic That question tends to be the one that lingers after you’ve read the final page and closed the book.

We get drama, medium character development, warprize elizabeth vaughan feels, assassination attempts, and people we distrust.

In short, I loved every moment of this story, from Lara’s time in the castle, to the times with Lara warprize elizabeth vaughan the healing tent and mixing medicines. I should have dumped this book back at the libr Wow! Not only do we get to know Keir, warprize elizabeth vaughan Marcus, Joden, Simus, and so many others. Marcus’s character was also quote entertaining, so was Anna. This really was just a romance and the conflicts the couple needed to overcome.

She’s always loved fantasy and science fiction, and has been a fantasy role-player since This man, is the warlord, who is demanding that warprize elizabeth vaughan become his warprize. My hair was windblown from the tower and the ride, so I gathered up a comb and returned to the other room to try to deal with the tangled mess. Cardboard characters, mundane plot, and romantic cliches all abound in this incredibly ho-hum, stagnant excuse for a story.