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Aurea Numismatika, Auction 71, 1 Maylot 2. The series in figure no. The answer is that the use of implying several order decimals for a given number was very common in both the Greek and Roman world where it was positively attested. A part of this numerical sequence is proposed in figure no. Although there is no evidence that indicates in the Greek world the use of implying different decimals orders for the written digits, we clearly understand it from the reconstruction of the numerical sequences reported on the Massalia coins.

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The followingdrachms limit, is then indicated in four different ways: Bronze coins minted in Massalia Gaul in BC. On the following coins coin no.

Waddell, Ltd, lotApr. On the obverse of coin no. In the case the numbers on the tetradrachms in the name and types of Alexander the Great minted in Aspendos are considered dates, it is necessary to determine if even the lucasgstem carried on the tetradrachms in the name and types of Alexander the Great minted in Phaselis and Perge are dates referred to two separated eras or to one provincial Pamphylian era.


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Obviously to mint the coins falling within each group marked by a different letter which we can suppose for example to consist of 10, pieces several obverse and reverse dies were used in sequence until the predetermined number of coins to be minted was reached, as it clearly appears in figure no.

In particular we can observe the large amount of obverse dies and reverse dies used to www. Topics Seerat e Mustafa abdul Mustafa Azami. The Athenian Tribute Lists of every year was carved on the stone. Yale University Art Gallery The confirmation of the correctness on this supposition derives from exercises done by a schoolboy on a wax tablet21 in the VI-VII century AC, transcribed in figure no.

Leu Numismatik, Auction 86, 5 Maylot 2. For Depeyrot lucasysttem, p.

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The succession of the coins offers further useful elements in the understanding of the numerical notations. VAuctions, Auction5 Maylot 16, In Massalia, then, to mintdrachms 9 obverse dies were used: The finaldrachms threshold is reaffirmed very clearly on another reverse die that helps to www.

It was very important in antiquity, as in the agreement at the end of the 5th century BC between Phokaia and Mytilene. Numismatica Ars Classica, Auction 27, 12 Maylot 52 7. Artemide Aste, Asta 21E, Marchmoneta 3 To catalogi every doubt on the validity of the interpretation of the initials AA that indicates ,0 00 drachms we find the coin no. The final issue edition is then indicated in two alternative caralogo The following coupling of dies coin no.

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Dow corning catalog pdf

The fact that the numbers were correctly understood only by a careful eye confirms that they were not addressed to the coin users but to the minting staff, to help them count the volume of the coins minted. As we just said, the symbol that is on the coin no. The numbers on the obverse and reverse of the coin no.

Silver staters minted in Poseidonia Lucania in BC. Log In Sign Up. There are also some numberings that do not use letters in alphabetical order but increasing numbers: Little by little, the mint masters minted the lucasystme, divided them in numerical notations and recorded them in a proper memo: