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Get to Know Us. Sometimes described as the thirteenth tribe of Israel, the descendants of the Khazars are equated by some as being synonomous with one of the last four major signs of the end of the world, that is the appearance of Juge wa ma Juge, since they are in reality Jews but not Jews.

There are three aspects of Dajjal. The muslim, the mumin and the muhsin are all muslims, but they possess different degrees of knowledge of Allah. Ascribing past, current, and imminent prophecy explaining the many as well as the associated True prophetic annotations to our time of the inevitable collapsing of these systems by merit from their ‘own weight’, while the root cause branches around and constricts itself onto the globe. There is less time to meet together and more time to watch television.

Sayed Dx rated it it was amazing Jun 03, It is significant that the most common form of business concern today is the large corporation, whether privately or state owned, which often not only has branches all over anyone particular kaffir state, but also all over the world.

Di Indonesia, buku ini di terjemahkan dengan judul “Sistem Dajjal” Membaca buku ini, membuat saya mengerti tentang kondisi dunia hari ini, betapa sistem dajjal telah mencengkaram dunia sedemikian rupa. Esa rated it liked it Jan 17, Rajjal the signs of the end of the world are now apparent, antichdist for, the last four major signs, and it would appear thf even these are now imminent. This means more work for the people in the legal system. This enables the few to enslave and control the many, often without the many realising just how great the degree of control being exercised over them is.

If you enjoy reading conspiracy theories though I hope you don’t subscribe to them you might well rate this book higher than the 1 star I generously gave it.

Zora Adam rated it it was amazing Sep 06, There is the Muslim community which as well as living in harmony with existence also worships Allah in the manner indicated by Allah through the prophet Muhammad. It attempts to organise and alter the status quo. It follows that the Mahdi will be the one who is inevitably recognised and accepted by dxjjal true muslims as their leader.

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Ahmad Thomson – Sistem Dajjal

Refresh and try again. As a result more laws thomosn passed to control their activities. This book is drenched with knowledge and i wish everyone could read it. The great majority of people who teach in the kaffir educational system do not have real knowledge, that is knowledge of the Real, that is Allah, or they would not allow themselves to be part of that system and accordingly part of the kaffir producer consumer process which, as we have already seen, only appears to be an attractive proposition when Allah and the Last Day and the Fire and the Garden are firmly forgotten.

Dajjal is described as having the letters KFR on the forehead. Increased automation means that the people who man the machines are increasingly subservient to the machines. No trivia or quizzes yet. To see is to ahmda, but there are different seeings and different knowing. Thkmson of the chief methods used by the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal system to erase living Islam is to introduce the kaffir way of life into the muslim countries, whilst disguising this fact by describing it in islamic terminology.

In the western thonson this pattern of dxjjal used to be predominantly that of the Christian religion, a peculiar amalgam of Paul’s own ideas, Greek philosophy, the innovations of a priesthood, which itself was an innovation, in its attempts to compromise by all means with kaffir rulers, and finally a few traces of the original teaching of the prophet Jesus. We are made of water and clay. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

It means people try to avoid paying the antichdist, which ajmad the people in the legal system are given more work, As the taxes are increased and as the accepted value of money diminishes, because prices are put up to gather additional income without having to do any additional work, the work force becomes disgruntled.

Batool rated it it was amazing Nov 20, The last four major signs are the appearance of Dajjal the individual; the appearance of the Mahdi, the rightly guided leader of the Muslims who will fight Dajjal; the re-appearance of the prophet Jesus, on him be peace, who as well as breaking all the crosses, killing all the pigs, marrying and having children and praying with the Muslims, will also kill Dajjal; and the appearance of Juge wa ma Juge [ Gog and Magog ], a tribe of people who will scatter across the world, creating destruction.

He names vast cities possessing technologies far superior to the one which some people on this earth boast of today. The kaffir system is Dajjal. In order to understand how the interlink operates, it is necessary to look at some of the more influential systems more closely. Mar 10, Damian rated it it was ok.

Dajjal: The Anti Christ

Perhaps the only way of appreciating how dramatic the change has been is to observe what happens when a multi national corporation decides to exploit the natural resources of a hitherto inaccessible region of the world. Although the prophet Muhammad was given such access, ht was not hungry for it.


The social groupings which used to be prevalent throughout the world, most of them based on the village pattern, o community of families who all knew and helped each other and which interacted with other village communities, have been rapidly eroded and depersonalised.

The kaffir state attempts to systematize and orchestrate distribution of wealth, to the annoyance of all except its ruling elite who benefit from the manner in which that distribution operates, whilst in a muslim community the distribution of wealth takes place naturally and unexpectedly, to the delight of all who trust in Allah.

There are three basic patterns of social grouping in the world. Part of this trust is to trust others and to trust one’s self and one’s experience of life and one’s interpretation of the signs in the self and on the horizon. That way of life had already been lost when Jesus first appeared on earth.

To ask other readers questions about Dajjalplease sign up. This is not surprising, since it is they who benefit most from that process and gather most of its financial rewards.

The advance of technology, especially in the realms of communication and travel, together with the use of complex computerised information storage and retrieval systems, has made widespread control from one place a reality. It has already been stated that the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal system, is formed of interlinking systems. It is only an attractive proposition to the kaffir because he or she thinks that this life is all there is, and accordingly attempts to reconstruct the Garden in this life and in this phenomenal world.

Dajjal: the AntiChrist (Ahmad Thomson)

Much of this control is made possible by the form which work takes in today’s industrial ajmad. The ignorance of the people who control that process and of the people who are controlled by them is displayed by the fact that they are unaware of the true nature of existence, and of what happens to you after you die.

People are obliged to put the rules of the corporation above the application of common sense and humanity in the conduct of their everyday lives. Accordingly they are given selected information during their so called education and by the media, and not real knowledge.

Furthermore real knowledge is free. The religions of Judaism and Christianity have been manufactured and introduced in their stead.